About the project

The business accelerator creates a trusting and safe environment between project teams, experts and investors by maximally involving them in the processes of creation and growth of projects. RUNUP ONE aims to support projects that have formed a RoadMap and are ready for gradual financing based on fixed results.


  • Smartmoney
  • Online accelerator
  • Packaging
  • Multiple growth
  • New markets


  • Startup database
  • Scouting
  • Scoring
  • Quick exit
  • Pipeline and funds control


Participation in the share of each project, which proves interest in the effectiveness of the projects.


Support for projects at all stages to the final result.


Attraction of expertise for the effectiveness of actions in the field of product packaging, marketing, sales and legal issues.


Assistance in bringing the project to the European market and scaling up to the whole world.

Our news

CEO Runup - Vadim Romashov meeting with Gary Fowler, Silicon Valley investor

Today a meeting was held between Vadim Romashov, CEO of Runup CEO, and Gary Fowler, an investor from Silicon Valley, where they discussed trends, in which projects to invest and shared their experience in developing startups in international markets. Gary himself invests in different directions, but the priority is in the field of high technologies, artificial intelligence, virtual reality. And also received support from Gary in the undertakings to launch a business accelerator.


TLI-Technik results

For 3 months, our team plunged into the field of telecommunications in the German market, held many negotiations, formed a staff, optimized business processes, entered into contracts with major players Vektorcom GmbH, Deutsche Telecom, Vodafone and Deutsche Glasfaser, which was able to achieve 350,000 Euro in revenue . The plan for 2020 - 2022 has been worked out with the development and implementation of advanced technologies such as induction asphalt, new generation car charging stations and the organization of 5g networks in Germany.


Vireal eco-system and Online Expo

Collaboration was carried out in the ecosystem of the Runup accelerator between the Vireal and Online Expo projects. We have built cooperation in the form of a joint direction of introducing AR augmented reality in exhibitions and various events. Two formats were selected as a hypothesis test:
- Real Estate Congress in Berlin
- Fashion show in Milan


Project Portfolio

These companies have already made their choice.



The best solutions for the installation of telecommunications and lines. TLI-Technik emerged from the concept of growth and became a technical division of Vektorcom GmbH.

Online Expo

Virtual Exhibitions

A platform for organizing virtual exhibitions with augmented reality AR, offering a whole range of software solutions and additional services for the entire exhibition industry.


Voice Bot Designer

An automatic voice bot with artificial intelligence that will answer the most frequently asked questions or make an appointment.

Pflege München

Real estate

The construction of an apartment building in Germany (Munich) with the maintenance and care of the elderly.


Smart Home

A smart home system with a focus on helping the elderly and people with disabilities, with an organized personal account for relatives and carers

The Hunt

Online game

A mobile application designed as a shooter using augmented reality and geolocation to attract customers and generate loyalty for sellers of services and goods in the field of B2C


AR Navigation

Navigation service with new scenarios of interaction in augmented reality, both inside and outside large rooms, with many objects and a large crowd of people


Investing Tools

Service with a set of reliable tools for safe investment in projects. Invest with us!


Игровые кресла

A team of professionals who are going to change the gaming industry. We want to make money. We really love what we do. We really created excellent gaming chairs.

Click Storm

Cybersports Center

We are a tournament and social platform. Create tournaments and play them, assemble teams and select teammates. Make friends, read guides, watch videos and streams.


Artificial Intelligence in HR

This is an effective assistant manager when hiring staff who analyzes the data of candidates on social networks, evaluates them and selects the most suitable job seekers. We know how to choose the best employee.


Bloggers Advertising Integration

An advertising agency and producer center for bloggers, which is an official partner of TikTok. Advertising Challenges with Bloggers, Promotion of Artists, Targeted Advertising + RTB


Donation Platform

This is the first decentralized financial eco-system for streamers, which simplifies the process of creating content, interaction with viewers and financial transactions. The platform will become an integral part of this market.


Brand Rent

A universal platform for building communication with augmented reality tools. We develop the most exciting scenarios for the brand performances.

ForAll CRM


Intelligent solutions for any business - Improving the quality of production, CRM, Project Management, Artificial Intelligence for sales and marketing, forecasting and modeling of a business



Automation service for tennis clubs with club management functions, court reservations, tournaments and a virtual tennis coach


Security Robot

TermiKor will enhance home security. Even with a prolonged absence, the user will always know what is happening in his premises, you will be able to "personally" examine each room and calmly work or enjoy vacations.

Project team

Ideological inspirers - organizers of the RUNUP ONE project

Vadim Romashov

Founder of various Digital projects with 20 years of experience

Bohdan Serbin

Technical expert with 10 years of technical experience working out IT projects

Irene Westfal

Owner and investor of several European companies and startups

Oscar Yagafarov

Director of Technion Park Morion Digital Implemented projects at the Japan Atomic Energy Agency's Research Center (JAEA).

Anna Stuckert

Business angel, owner of several European companies. Organizer of the International Real Estate and Investment Congresses in Munich and Berlin

Edward Rein

A tracker whose main activity is to support the process of mentoring a business with the task of bringing the project to the stage of obtaining consistently high profits.

Mikhail Shilov

Tracker and expert in conducting an examination with an immersion in the business model, identifying and treating weaknesses in the project

Artyom Ovchinnikov

A tracker with extensive experience in the development of early-stage technology startups and preparing projects for attracting investments.

Accelerator Tracks



Blockchain technology